After Oscar Night, Watch these Academy Award-Winning Cartoons

A graphic showing a movie seat and popcorn with the text "awesome Oscar-winning animated films"

The Academy Awards were Sunday!

Kids can join in the glamor and excitement with these Oscar-worthy animated features and short films from throughout the years.

A movie poster of Winnie The Pooh and the Blustery Day, which includes Winnie the Pooh flying a kite with Tigger bouncing in the background

Winnie the Pooh And the Blustery Day (Best Animated Short Film 1968)

The Academy has been awarding Oscars to short animated films since the 1930s (though many of the awardees are aimed at adults). Kids who know newer versions of Winnie the Pooh will fall in love with this classic adventure of the “silly old bear” and his friends.

Tin Toy (Best Animated Short Film 1988) 

This short about a toy one-man band helped launch an empire. It was one of Pixar’s first films—and its plot and success inspired Toy Story.

Beauty and the Beast (Nominated for Best Picture 1992)

This beloved Disney classic didn’t win Best Picture, but it was the first animated movie to be nominated. (And it won Best Score and Best Original Song, too.)

The movie poster for Shrek, which includes a large stylized screen S with ogre horns

Shrek (Best Animated Feature 2001)

The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature was awarded for the very first time to this goofy comedy about an ogre with a heart of gold. 

Spirited Away (Best Animated Feature 2002)

This strange and beautiful film from legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki might be a bit frightening for younger kids, but preteens and above will love the bizarre tale of a little girl trapped in a dangerous magical world. (For littles, try Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.)

WALL-E and Up (Best Animated Features, 2008 and 2009)

These beloved, tenderhearted Pixar films will help kids develop their emotional intelligence — and give adults the opportunity to let out a few emotions, too. 

The movie poster for the movie Frozen, Which includes the four main characters buried in the snow, with Olaf the snowman holding his head up in front of a large snowflake

Frozen (Best Animated Feature 2013)

Frozen? Really? Yes, really. We’ve been hearing the song “Let It Go” for a decade now, but if it’s been several years since you watched the whole movie, try it out again. The story of sisterhood and empowerment holds up — as do the (other) fantastic songs.

Piper (Best Animated Short Film 2016) and Bao (Best Animated Short Film 2018)

These Pixar shorts — one about a little bird playing on the seashore and another about a woman who makes a steamed bun that comes to life — are fun for kids, but parents will find their own layers in the stories.

The poster for the short film Hair Love, Which shows a Black father in cornrows combing their hair of his daughter, who has natural curls

Hair Love (Best Animated Short Film 2019)

A Black father learns to do his daughter’s hair for the first time in this short, which starts with pops of humor and ends with a heart-touching twist. Watch it on YouTube!

Turning Red (Nominated for Best Animated Feature 2022)

Director Guillermo del Toro’s hauntingly beautiful take on Pinocchio won the Oscar, but for pure fun, you can’t beat Turning Red, the delightful, heartfelt 1990s-set story of a Chinese Canadian girl who turns into a giant red panda when she gets angry.