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Child Care Centers

Find the support, resources, and opportunities to advance your business needs.

We provide independent child care centers
and their staff business tools and support, professional development, training and education.

Services we offer
Child Care Centers

  • Robust business support in your preferred language including Amharic, Arabic, English, Korean, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya, and more
  • Access to free and low-cost business expert consultation
  • Peer mentor support
  • Business tools and premium software like QuickBooks (free or at discounted rates)
  • Virtual trainings
  • Substitute relief time for staff
  • Technical assistance to grants and applications
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Shared Services Hub


Get access to exclusive member benefits that will save you thousands of dollars in free and/or discounted business services and tools.

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The ECE Job Board is free to use. Centers can list as many open positions, set the terms and hourly rate. Candidates will contact each center directly.

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How can we provide technical support you?


Our Technical Assistants (TAs) can provide technical support in your preferred language.
Shared Services

The Shared Services Hub provides robust and meaningful business supports, focusing on access to free and low-cost business expert consultation, peer mentor support, tools and software, and training. Shared Services helps increase personal and financial wellbeing, strengthen business and administrative practices, and develop leadership skills. Its multitiered approach provides supports both broadly and deeply, reflecting the varied level of support needs voiced by providers from within the field. In addition to these concrete supports and services, the Shared Services Hub fosters social connections between peers and reduces isolation.

Who is eligible for the Shared Services Hub in the Centers world?

All independent child care center directors throughout Washington State are eligible to join the Shared Services Hub. 

Services we offer Centers

Recognizing that providers have various levels of support needs, as well as desire for commitment, the Shared Services Hub offers two tracks of program engagement. The Discovery Track offers access to all business tools, support, and training opportunities without a set time commitment. This track is best suited for providers and directors who want a self-directed, flexible experience. The Connect Track offers everything included in the Discovery Track plus the additional support of belonging to a “Community of Care” with monthly meetings facilitated by a Lead Mentor.

Discovery Track services include:

  • Free videos, virtual trainings, and other digital resources
  • Discounts on services to support child care businesses
  • Free business support tools including a website builder, budgeting tool, and Policy Wizard
  • Access to the ECE Community Job Board to post openings and help find new employees
  • Regular STARS training on child care business topics including business practices, ECE-related technology, marketing, trauma-informed care, and more
  • Access to free one-on-one consultation with business experts specializing in human resources, taxes, bookkeeping, and more
  • Free core educational requirement training for program staff, including Child Care Basics and First Aid

Connect Track services include everything in the Discovery Track, plus:

  • Priority access to sign up for training and new tools or services, with engagement support from a Lead Mentor
  • Regular in-language ‘Community of Care’ meetings with a small group of fellow providers
Substitute Pool

Who is eligible for the Substitute Pool?

  • Licensed centers participating in Early Achievers (whether they serve children on subsidy or not) 

Services we offer centers.

  • 50 hours of paid substitute time per fiscal year (July 1st, 2022, through June 30th, 2023) under the Early Start Act funding.
  • Access to the substitute pool for the purpose of scheduling private pay shifts.
Technical Assistance

Who is eligible in the Centers world?

  • Technical assistance is available to support centers in accessing any programs, services, or grants their individual program qualifies for.

Services we offer centers.

  • Grant application assistance (eligibility is specific to individual grants)
  • TA in navigating Imagine’s programs and services
Training for Centers and Staff

Who is eligible in the Centers world?

  • Center directors are eligible for training 

Services we offer centers.

  • LMS: EQEL year 1 and year 2 and CCB
Imagine U

Who is eligible for Imagine U?

  • Currently, only family child care providers (and those intending to open a family child care) are eligible to participate in Imagine U
    • However, in the case of remote interns who do not have an available mentor in their area, centers may be partnered with as a location for the intern to complete their practicum hours

Services we offer centers.


Do you have questions or need more information about what services are available for centers? Email us at or call 206-492-5249.

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