Imagine Celebrates Pride Month

Staff at the Imagine Institute share their thoughts on Pride month.

Pride month celebrations are underway, and it’s an annual tradition showcasing individualism and diversity. There are celebrations all over Washington State, as people come out to support those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

At the Imagine Institute, we wanted to show our support. Here are some thoughts from members of our staff about what Pride month means to us.

What does pride mean to you?

“Pride means we get to be and love who we want. Pride means we bleed red just like everyone else.”

“Pride is Happiness and Love! Something we all can use more of.”

“Pride is in everything I do, from a place of love, compassion, and advocacy!! From my heart, my energy, my soul, my spirit, my most inner peace shows pride for ALL!!”

“Pride is a place where I feel safe. Pride is a place where I feel love. Pride is a place where I’m not judged.”

“For me, Pride means knowing there’s a whole community to find solace in, and there’s so many people able to offer support in the long journey of self-discovery.”

“PRIDE represents an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the amazing contributions of the LGBTQA community in our culture and to reflect on the need for continued work in advocating and supporting our colleagues both in an out of the workplace.”

“Pride is a feeling of value and self-worth. You can have pride in many different aspects of yourself, pride in being a part of something bigger than yourself, or pride is seeing others be proud of themselves.”

“When I think of what the word Pride means, I think it is about being comfortable and proud of who you are and content that others can “be” who they are.”

“I think for me is acceptance with no judgement and the labor of those who fought to live their authentic selves and fight those who tried to eradicate our community. It’s about taking up space proudly, just as we are, and banding together to overcome our difficulties. It’s about community, family, and helping others.”

“Pride is the right to be myself, regardless of any normalcy that is expected from me as a Latinx woman. It’s autonomy, respect, and authenticity. Annually, Pride is the time to reflect on who I am, and how I want to navigate the world.”

“Pride is a time to be recognized and feel proud of who I am. 
Pride is happiness and joy and celebration of myself and those around me.”