Imagine Spotlight: Tatiana Trujillo

This week, we are proud to feature child care provider Tatiana Trujillo.

Meet Tatiana

On Valentine’s Day, a 2-year-old girl in Tatiana Trujillo’s child care facility brought heart-shaped donuts to share with her classmates. Watching the girl’s excited face as she walked in with the box reminded Tatiana of why she loves working with small children.

“It’s sometimes bad days, sometimes good days, but those kind of excitement for little things, it makes me excited,” she says.

Moments like these show Tatiana how much little things matter in life and in her work. She knows how important it is to get details right when she’s running her business, We Care Daycare in East Wenatchee.

The little things she’s learned through trainings from The Imagine Institute have made a world of difference for her program.

“It’s easier to communicate with the families, it’s easier to communicate with the licenser, it’s easier to work with my coach,” she says. “It gives me confidence and makes me want to do my job longer.”

trainings that matter

Tatiana opened We Care in 2008, after her first child was born. While she was pregnant with her second child, she earned her associate’s degree in early childhood education from Wenatchee Valley College. She wanted to continue her education while running her business, so she started taking training courses at The Imagine Institute.

She’s learned about taxes and record keeping, policies and procedures, racism and equality, STEM education for young children and more. She’s noticed that licensing officials and the parents whose children attend We Care are amazed by how many educational hours she’s earned through Imagine. Tatiana is impressed by how useful the trainings are for all aspects of her profession, like caring for children, working with parents, and running a small business.

“The topics of the trainings are relevant to our jobs. The topics are incredible,” she says.

Thanks to the things she’s learned, Tatiana has increased her knowledge and self-confidence. She’s able to make small changes to her policies that make her program better for her business and the children she cares for.

“I’ve done lots of improvements since I started taking the trainings with Imagine Institute,” she says.

instructors with knowledge

Tatiana says she especially likes how the training instructors are people with experience in child care. They can answer her questions, because they understand what it’s like to go through the same challenges.

She also appreciates that her teachers are from the local area. One of her favorite instructors is Sherri Lee, who also runs a family child care in East Wenatchee.

“All those teachers, they have experience working with the childrenin in-home day cares,” she says. “It’s really relevant. When they’re presenting the training, it’s from their own knowledge.”

Tatiana says the things she’s learned help make her job easier. She’s excited to continue taking trainings and applying what she learns to her work. She encourages other Washington child care providers to check out The Imagine Institute’s options.

“That would give them knowledge to perform a better job,” she says. “That would give them self-esteem, and they will be able to learn new things and new techniques.”

Thank you, Tatiana, for all your dedication to your training, the community and our Imagine family!