Our Trainers

Martha Aguilar

Languages: Spanish

Martha Aguilar has cared for children in her community as a licensed family child care provider since 2005. Martha studied early childhood education at Big Bend Community College where she also earned her Initial Certificate. Martha’s facility has been rated a Level 3 in Early Achievers. As a state-approved trainer, Martha hopes to share her knowledge to those who most need it and she gives her support to both groups and individuals as they work toward their professional goals. Martha respects all learning styles and makes sure her trainings are relevant to her participants. Above all, she strives to do her best and share the knowledge she has acquired for the success of her colleagues.

Fartun Bakari

Languages: Somali and English

Fartun is on the board of directors for the Imagine Institute and has been caring for kids in her community and through the daycare facility she manages since 2013. This has helped her to understand the cultural value of her community. Fartun earned certificates in early childhood education, business administration, and medical interpretation. Fartun is also a certified CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens trainer. Fartun hopes to share her knowledge to those who most need it and support all communities as they work toward their professional goals. She respects all learning styles and always seeks to share her knowledge so that all communities can benefit.

Rebecca Boultinghouse

Languages: English

Rebecca currently works for Lower Columbia College Head Start program in Longview, Washington. She ran a licensed family child care for 14 years as owner and operator. Prior to that, her profession was based in the medical field where she assumed many roles including medical assistant in Radiation Oncology, as well as an office manager in an MRI unit and a Radiology assistant and scheduler. She received her early childhood education through Lower Columbia College in Longview. In 2011, Rebecca started teaching classes for Family, Friends, and Neighbors for SEIU 925. She has always enjoyed bringing innovative material to her students in a warm, fun, and easygoing style. She believes that we are all lifelong learners making sure that the information she delivers can have immediate application for the students she serves.

Elena Avalos

Languages: Spanish

Elena Avalos has worked as a licensed family child care provider for 13 years in Quincy, Washington. She specializes in childhood development, with her work centering on identifying age-appropriate curriculum that serves diverse learning styles. Elena earned a certificate in early childhood education where she studied child observations, learning processes, and how to critically reflect on her own learning and teaching theories. She firmly believes in education as a process for social development as well as educational development. This process gives children a series of skills and values that nurture their intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Elena views education as a tool to impart cultural legacies to new generations and affirms the social development of a child’s life.

Don Boultinghouse

Languages: English

Don has been working as an Employment Consultant for nine years. In this position, he assists adults with disabilities get and maintain employment. Don volunteered as a firefighter and EMT with Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue where he served as a lieutenant and medical officer. Don has been teaching First Aid and CPR for over 25 years and teaching for Family, Friends, and Neighbors providers since 2011. Don worked and assisted his wife Rebecca Boultinghouse in her in-home family daycare for 14 years, directly caring for children along with performing all financial duties associated with the business. Don’s purpose in teaching his classes is, I am going to help you help someone you love. Even if you have had First Aid/CPR training before, you walk away from Don’s class feeling more confident about what to do in an emergency.

Laura Chandler

Languages: English

Laura Chandler has been a teacher of young children for 28 years. For the last 16 years, Laura has been a state-approved trainer and teacher of adults in her community. Laura has a Bachelor of Science from Western Washington University and an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education from North Seattle College. Laura believes we are all lifelong learners and hopes to cultivate that mindset for herself and her students. She teaches not only to provide information, but also to open adults up to the possibilities of new questions. She designs her classes to leave participants feeling more confident in their work and to empower people to stay in the field of early learning. Laura’s style is informal and personal; she prefers in-person interactions and hands-on activities. Laura always makes sure to greet everyone with a warm and friendly voice.

Amina Eed


Prior to becoming a child care provider, Amina Eed worked as an early educator with Neighborhood House for 12 years. In those years, she gained a lot of experience and knowledge in child development and the immerse potential kids have when provided with all the necessary tools. As a mother, Amina has a special love for kids to succeed and achieve their dreams. Part of her duties is to engage families in taking a strong part in their children’s educational needs and encouraging them to be successful. In addition to being a state-approved trainer, Amina has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and is certified to train individuals in First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Dora Herrera

Languages: Spanish and English.

Dora Herrera has been operating her own in-home daycare for 19 years in the Olympia Washington area. Dora was born and raised in El Salvador and first moved to Los Angeles before coming up to the Pacific Northwest. As a part of being a licensed family child care provider, Dora has taken multiple college credit classes in early learning. Through the years, Dora has worked with a diverse group of families where together they are able to care for and enrich the lives of children. Dora is not only passionate about teaching and caring for kids but also strives to help other child care providers maintain successful businesses.

Hamdi Elmi

Languages: Somali

Hamdi has cared for children in her community as a licensed family child care provider since 2014. She has studied Early Childhood Education at Highline Community College where she earned her Initial Certificate. Hamdi is a certified First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens instructor. She is also an active community helper and loves helping her community, many of whom really need her help. I respect learning styles and make sure her trainings are relevant to her participants. She will give her support to both groups and individuals as they work toward their professional goals.