Pride Picture Books for Kids of All Ages

A ramble background with the words "picture books for pride month"
Pride Month is a great time to celebrate the beauty and diversity of humanity with a good book. Here are some LGBTQIA+-friendly picks for kids of all ages.
The cover of the picture book "Federico y sus Familias," which features a blue and white cat standing on a red house
Federico y Sus Familias / Federico and All His Families, by Mili Hernández, illustrated by Gómez

A neighborhood cat has many families, and all his families are different! The original text is in Spanish, and an English version is available, too.

Love Makes a Family, by Sophie Beer
This sweet book celebrates many kinds of families. Young children will find comfort in the familiar scenes of home and play.
The cover of the picture book "Love Makes a Family," which features different kinds of families on a blue background with rainbows
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The cover of the picture book Julian Is a Mermaid, Which features a Black boy wearing a homemade mermaid costume
Julián Is a Mermaid, by Jessica Love
Love’s watercolor pictures brilliantly illustrate the big imagination of Julián, a boy who dreams of being a mermaid. When his abuela discovers him playing dress-up, she embraces him for who he is, showing readers the power of acceptance.
Kapaemahu, by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, illustrated by Daniel Sousa

This beautiful story tells the legend of four mahu — people of dual male and female spirit — who shared their healing wisdom in Waikiki. The book is based on an award-winning short animated film, available to watch on YoutTube from PBS.

The cover of the picture book Kapemahu, which includes 4 Mahu, or people of dual male and female spirit
THe cover of the picture book Pink Blue and You, which features cartoons of diverse children and a dinosaur
Pink, Blue, and You!, by Elise Gravel with Mykaell Blais
Delightfully funny cartoonist Elise Gravel brings her signature style to this book about gender. Readers are introduced to concepts about gender identity and expression in an age-appropriate way and encouraged to question stereotypes and embrace their true interests and personalities. 
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