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Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

During the month of February, many providers are looking for different activities to do with kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, most providers will have kids make Valentine’s Day cards to give to their friends, but there are many other things you can help them create during this heart-filled holiday. We have come up with just a few activities for you to enjoy with your kids.

Lace and Heart Prints in Playdough – Instead of using paint to create prints on paper, you can use things like lace and heart cut-outs to press on playdough to make Valentine’s Day designs. You can choose any shapes or colors you want, and it cuts down on the mess since there is no paint. This can also be done with cookie dough, and in the end you can bake the dough and have kids eat their creations. ( )


Half Heart Mash-Ups – This craft is a little messier, but it’s fun. Cut out a heart in a large piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Then have kids put paint on one side of the heart, using different colors, designs, etc., and then mash the two halves of the heart together. This will create a unique design on the heart as the paints are smashed together. It’s easy and kids can do several designs at a time to show off their art skills. ( )


Tape-Resist Art – This can be done with paint, markers, or watercolors. Take a piece of paper, construction paper may work best, and create a design using painters’ tape (so it will be easy to pull up). This can be a heart, a snowflake, or even a grid design. Have the kids then use paint or a marker to fill in the non-painted space. It can be one color, or many colors. When they are done and paint has dried, simply pull up the take to reveal the design you created, with the colors added by your kids. ( )