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February is the shortest month, but it’s also one of the busiest of the year. We celebrate so many things, including Valentine’s Day, so we decided to compile a list of activities for providers to do with their kids that is fun and easy. Have fun!

Indoor Tie-Dye Designs – Tie-dye is usually an outdoor activity since it can be messy, but in the cold weather, you can still let kids do it indoors. First, grab some white cloth and put it on a tray or other surface you use for crafts. Then have kids take Sharpies and create designs. They can make anything from a heart to a rainbow, or whatever they can come up with. Then, using a Q-Tip or cotton swab, dab the designs with rubbing alcohol. The designs will then spread out and turn into a tie-dye design.


Valentine’s Day Noodle Garland – This can be done for Valentine’s Day, or for any other holiday. Take a bunch of different types of dry noodles and have kids color them red and pink. Then, cut out heart shapes from construction paper and have kids glue their noodles to the paper in various designs. They can even paint the paper if they want. Then you take clothespins and hang the hearts up on a piece of string to put up in the room. Easy, fun, and can be changed out with colors and designs for different holidays.


Heart Counting Game – This is another activity that can be done for other holidays besides Valentine’s Day. First, make or buy two colorful paper hearts and put them on side-by-side on a piece of paper. Then, fill two cups with dried beans, candy, or something else to count with. Have two kids take turns rolling a pair of dice to see how many pieces they can put on their heart. Once the heart is full of pieces, they win! This activity is a good way to teach counting, and a fun way for kids to spend time during the holiday. (