Finding Fun Fall Activities For Kids

Fall is here! As the season changes, it’s time to think about new activities you can do with your kids. With the weather getting cooler, it may be better to stay indoors, but there are a few activities you can still do outside.

Find Things to Draw in Nature – This can be an indoor and outdoor activity. First, go into the yard, or on a small walk, and have kids find things from nature like leaves, branches, acorns, etc. You can also pick items yourself without the kids if you don’t want to take them outside. Then have kids draw the items they have found using crayons or paint and many different colors. It’s a fun way to teach them about nature and get them drawing!

Pipe Cleaner Apples – This may take a little planning, but it’s an easy activity. First, you need to buy different colored pipe cleaners, mostly fall colors like brown, green, yellow, and red. Then have kids pick the color of apple they want, and they can make the apple shape out of the pipe cleaners. Add a small piece of brown and green pipe cleaner on the top of the stem and leaf, and you have your very own pipe-cleaner apple!

Make a Pile of Leaf Rubbings – This is an easy, fun activity that any kid can do. Collect a pile of leaves, preferably different shapes and sizes. Give kids a blank piece of paper and a selection of different colored crayons. Kids then put the leaves, one at a time, on the paper and rub the crayon over it to create a shaded leaf shape. You can then cut out the individual leaves and tape them to a cardboard cylinder (like paper towel tube) to create a branch with leaves on it.

Make a Fall Wreath – It’s a wreath that can be whatever you want it to be. First, cut out the center of a paper plate, so you get only the outer ring of the plate. Then have kids decorate it with paint, crayons, sprinkles, and whatever else you want to add. You can have kids cut out leaves and stick them on there or have real leaves on it. You can even have them make bugs out of paper and add them. This wreath is a way for kids to get creative!