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Finding some fun Fall activities for kids

The weather is changing, and the leaves are turning, and that means Fall is here. There are many things providers can do with their kids, both inside and outside this season that will be both educational and fun!

This is just a small list we have collected for you:

1. Paper Bag Puppets

Small brown paper bags can be used for more than just lunches and snacks. You can use the bags as puppets that kids can decorate. You can give them paper eyes, ears, horn, maybe some paint, or even some glue. Kids can turn these bags into any type of puppet they want, like maybe a monster for Halloween, or a turkey for Thanksgiving.

2. Leaf Tracing

You don’t have to stay inside during the fall. Have the kids go out and pick some colorful leaves. Then, they can come back inside and trace an outline of the leaves they picked, decorating them along the way. It’s a great way to get them involved in Fall, and to make your provider space look more festive. You can also make a wreath out of the leaves your kids pick so they don’t go to waste. ( )

3. Make Apple Stamp Paintings

This is an easy and fun activity. All you need is to cut some apples in half, then have kids dip them in paint, and press them onto a sheet of paper. You can have many different colored paints, and even other decorations to make the apple look more fall-like. ( )

4. Hand Tracing Art

This can be used for many different seasons, but its an easy way to get kids involved. Have them trace their hand onto a sheet of paper, and then create something out of it with decorations. The hand can be turned into a tree, a turkey, or a leaf. Lots of option, and you can do it anytime with minimal supplies. (  

5. Go on a Nature Walk

With the changing of the season, it can be fun to go out and look at nature. Take your kids down the street and point out some of the leaves, trees, and other things this fall. Going outside is not always an option, but you can always just go into the back yard, and take a look at some of the fall changing color, or set up a few things for kids to see. ( )