Imagine Spotlight: Myra Ann Astronimo

This week, we’re proud to feature child care provider Myra Ann Astronimo, working in Western Washington.


She started as an Intern with the Imagine Institute, but soon, Myra Ann Astronimo found herself as a Mentor with Imagine U, helping others reach their goal of becoming a licensed child care provider, just like her.

becoming a provider

Myra Ann was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States in 2005. She and her family moved to Snohomish County. As she settled near the Marysville area, her friend Mildred Van Wechel invited Myra Ann to work for her business. Mildred owned and operated a licensed family home child care and wanted Myra Ann to be a business owner too. 

“Mildred Van Wechel is one of my friends who always believed in me and supported me all throughout my journey from being an Intern to being a licensed provider. We always talked about how I wanted to start my own daycare but didn’t know where to start and when the opportunity came, I grabbed it without any hesitation.”

Myra Ann says that Mildred had just started working as a Mentor with Imagine U when she suggested that Myra become her Intern in 2019. Mildred taught Myra Ann about the business, what she needed to know, and the support system the Imagine Institute could provide.

“She believed this program will help me in so many ways — how to start a business as well as financially, which will be great help to kick start this business.”

Soon after completing the program, Myra Ann opened her own child care business and has been working hard ever since.

Mildred says she is so happy and excited to be able to work with Myra Ann and to give her all the tools and advice she needed to become a provider.

“It’s just so inspiring and rewarding when I see them flourishing — because now my mentee is being a mentor. It’s just good. I am very happy about it.”

Myra Ann 2

Myra Ann was so happy with her experience with Imagine that she decided to become a Mentor herself. After she got her business up and running, she was contacted by a friend who needed some help.

“My friend, Jezel Dagang, who also aspire to be a provider, and I participated in Imagine’s Imagine U program and now, I am proud to say that she is a licensed provider! We went through all the same process but being a former Intern myself was an advantage for us as I was able to see it from both sides.”

Myra Ann says this whole process would not have been possible without the help from Imagine. Through Imagine U, she and her two friends are now successful child care providers, helping their neighbors and providing a service to their community.

“It is a great privilege to be given this kind of opportunity. Imagine has helped me in so many ways and I cannot thank them enough for this program. It was a great experience!”