Imagine Spotlight: Yasmin

We have so many dedicated people working at Imagine and want to share some of their stories.
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Meet Yasmin

Yasmin is Imagine’s program assistant for the Child Care Stabilization Grant Technical Assistance Program, helping English, Somali, and Arabic-speaking child care providers apply for critical funding to stabilize their businesses.

Yasmin first got involved in the immigrant community as a high schooler in Salt Lake City, by helping kids communicate – translating and figuring out what these kids wanted to learn.

“I also established Teens in Action, a community-based organization. It was a way to make the youth of our community count by contributing to take action. I would help them practice their English and help them with their schoolwork. As a return, they would build leadership skills by engaging with local community leaders about their needs.”

Yasmin first learned of The Imagine Institute in early 2021 so she could become a substitute. She completed over 40 hours of training, including Child Care Basics and CPR/First Aid.

“I had a great experience and interactions with the Imagine staff while working to become a substitute through the Subpool program. My goals aligned with their mission of providing professional help to those who are in the child care field.”

Yasmin went on to work at a children’s center where she moved quickly through the ranks. She helped children reconnect with missing friends during the pandemic.

“At first, I became a substitute in the center, then led a summer camp for the center. I got a chance to create a space for kids ‘to be kids.’ They were doing virtual learning the previous year, so they didn’t get a chance to be in a camp environment.”

“If it wasn’t for my training with Imagine I would not have gotten a chance to be a center director and lead the summer camp.”

Determined to continue her passion for helping children, Yasmin stayed in contact with The Imagine Institute. She learned about a new program helping those in her community and knew that she wanted to be part of it.


“I knew that I wanted to be in the child care field so I became an avid visitor of Imagine’s website looking for classes and training opportunities. That’s when I saw the grant program position, to help stabilize the child care system and I wanted to be part of it.”

“I applied – and got in!”

In the fall of 2021, Yasmin officially joined the Imagine family. We are so lucky to have her here!

When needing a break, you can find Yasmin taking long walks or watching international films and TV shows.

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