Spring Into New Activities For Kids

The ground is thawing out, and the weather is getting warm. Spring is here, and it’s time to find some seasonal activities for your kids. Whether it’s outside or inside, we have some ideas for you that are fun and entertaining for your group.

Cloud Paintings – The weather can change a lot during spring, and that means there are many different types of clouds in the sky. Take your kids outside to identify some of them. They can draw or paint what they see to create their own sky artwork. They can also use their paintings to identify clouds, if they are making rain, or if they are tall, wide, etc. This is an easy and fun activity during the spring. ( )

Paper Towel Roll Stamp Flowers – No need to get rid of those old cardboard rolls! Put them to use to create a flower stamp. Simply cut out one side of the roll about a quarter of the way down into triangles or strips so that it creates a circular design. Then add wet paint to the design you cut and stamp it onto a piece of paper. It will create a circular stamp that looks like petals of a flower. Kids can create any type of flower they want. ( )

Spring Fingerprint Tree – This is an easy way for kids to create their own tree painting. First, have each child trace one hand on a piece of paper. Then they can color it in with a brown color to create a the base and branches of the tree. Then they can pick different colors of paint and use one finger to create leaves on their tree, dotting them along the fingers/branches. They can make any color tree they want. ( )

Paper Plate Rainbow – Cut a paper plate in half, and then cut out the center part of the plate, leaving about 3-4 inches of the edges left (like a half circle). Then have kids paint the half circles into different colors like a rainbow. Glue on cotton balls at the ends of the rainbow to make it look like clouds. Kids can make as many different colors as they want. ( )