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Washington State’s Early Care and Education Substitute Pool is designed to support family child care and child care center providers as they work toward their personal professional development goals and offer those interested in a career in early learning the opportunity to gain real world experience in licensed child care settings.

"In September I had an observation from the University of Washington. On December 15th, my child care was rated at level 4 and demonstrated a Quality Level of Excellence in the following areas of specialization: Interactions and Environment. I can't express my feelings on how exciting it was for me. I could not believe my eyes when I read the notification about receiving level 4 and that my child care could be awarded this level. Being an immigrant with English as my second language is sometimes difficult to achieve certain heights. I even called several times to my technical assistant to verify the results. I worked very hard to achieve this level. I would like to say a huge thank you to your team as the substitute pool helped me immensely to be prepared for the rating. I had an opportunity to work with my technical assistant and do the required activities while the substitute teacher worked instead of me. Thank you all of you who organized Imagine Institute. Thank you for your efforts to organize the substitute pool! It worked in my situation!"

-Liliya Aukhimovich, licensed family child care provider

The Imagine Institute

The Imagine Institute